Adking Publishing System

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Aa Adking Page is a stand-alone hosted page with its own URL.

An Adking Page can serve as an advertisement, a news announcement, a profile page, or a strategic content marketing page, where you can provide your target audience key information they need to know about your product or service.

It can also serve as a Landing Page for an Adking LinkAd, which you can place for free. Get the information right here.

If you have an Adking LinkAd, or any type of online ad or traffic builder and you do NOT have a website, a video, an external file or content to which you can point your ad, you need an Adking Page. It is versatile enough, it can deliver the information your intended audience needs.

An Adking Page is short (easy to read), simple (uncluttered, no gimmicks), easy to access, manage, and update -- anywhere, anytime -- from any device. Adking offers a quick and easy way to get your content discovered.

This website is the result of a study-trip to Shanghai and Beijing, made by 17 Norwegian students in February 2008. We hope this site can be helpful for others visiting China. Through this website we will give a presentation of our trip, and share tips and knowledge we gained when traveling.

SEE LINKED ADS BELOW: Your Adking Page can hold as many as forty (40) AdLinks which you can use to point to your 'other' Adking Pages, or offer as (paid or non-paid) ad to other advertisers, partner businesses, affiliates, etc. The AdLinks (as shown below) will display a custom or generic image and a headline. Each row will display up to four (4) Ads, and can hold up to ten (10) rows. AdLinks can point to any website or to another Adking Page. NOTE: If you are charging for AdLinks, you can set your own rates. And you keep 100% of what you charge.

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